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Aspire BVC Coils


The Aspire BVC coil that drives the Aspire CE5, Aspire ET-s Glass, Aspire Spryte Pod system and of course the Aspire K1 & K2 quick start kit.

The coils come in 2 different resistance, 1.8ohm, 1.2ohm

These coils are very simple to change and provide a strong retaining customer value.

Works great on all eGo batteries and low end power mods.

Bottom vertical coils or ‘BVC coils’ are built vertically instead of horizontally. They are manufactured to the highest quality and guarantee a smooth, flavoursome vape every time you inhale.

The BVC coils are an improved version of the BDC (bottom dual coil) technology, allowing for a long lasting vape.

Coils are Priced individually

Pack of 5 coils

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1.8, 1.2


Aspire CE5, Aspire ET-S Glass, Aspire K1, Aspire K2, Apsire K Lite, Aspire Spryte PODS


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